Randomizer Guide

Updated on 2024-04-04 (first published on 2024-03-12)


This tool enables convenient randomization into individual or multiple groups. Utilize it to diversify speaking order or to divide participants into distinct breakout groups during workshops.

Use Case Examples

  • Use it to help moderate a meeting or workshop.
  • Create breakout groups for a workshop or training session.
  • Randomize the order of speakers for a presentation or event.

Key Features

  • Groups. You can select the number of groups you want to create.
  • Pinned items. You can pin items to groups so they won’t be moved around.
  • Offline mode. As many other tools on workshop.games, the randomizer works offline so you can use it in any environment.

How to Use

  • Manually add items to the list.
  • You can also either paste or download a list.
  • Press the ‘Randomize’ button to generate a randomized list.
  • Use the dropdown to select the number of groups you want to create.
  • Use the ‘Randomize’ button to shuffle the list as many times you like.
  • A pasted/downloaded list can be separated in different ways in the following prioritization order:
    1. New line
    2. Semicolon
    3. Comma